All about Shadow fight games

Shadow fight game which developed by Nekki. And it was the Facebook-based fighting game which released on 12 February 2011. This game should play with the opposite side of players in the battle. This game runs based on online. Players also can try with many features and also locations on the map.

Shadow game 3 got published 17th July 2017 in Canada. November 16th, 2017 it is published worldwide. Shadow fight 3 games published after the game shadow fight 2. Shadow fight 3 do not have the feature of black 2D silhouette character. It has the feature of 3D graphics which provide good character and background too. Shadow games are existing in the form of Shadow. Hack shadow fight 3 is also available online. Players can update it and can get the awesome features.

Story of the shadow down fight-

It has the big story and the name tells itself about it. Shadow fight hack 3 is the popular game from many years after the event of shadow fight 2. It has the powerful factions which are against each other. Players need to start the game in shadow squad in the new recruit.   In mission shadow energy used by the squad in the legion. How they move to the progress they will feel that they are in dangerous situation. Few characters can be seen from the last game in a new game.

Features –

There are three features of the game currently, with the use of that we can play the shadow fight game. That are gems, coin and shadow energy.

By the use of coin, the player can buy the item and rare booster packs from the store. If players perform well in the fight game they can earn coins.

This also can be used to buy the item and packs from the store. With this player can be open the chest and trade with the many coins.

To upgrade the equipment shadow energy can be used. When the player will become the winner in shadow fight they will receive the chest, packs, boosters and upgraded equipment.