Democrats Are The Most Popular Groups

Emergence Of FDD

FDD (foundation for defence of democracies) has been founded in the year 2001, in Washington DC ;USA. The organization was founded with the aim of fighting against terrorism and creating a threat free democratic country, where Human rights are safe and Secure along with the citizens. Under the umbrella of democracy, No one should be deprived of their rights. In the democracy of US, it defends the rights and values equally.

Role Of Executive Director

Mark Dubowitz, the CEO of foundation for defence of democracies has worked very hard in the direction towards the Iran nuclear issue and other similar issues, that can ever come up ever as a security threat for the country. There was a project for the Global war based on terror, which was being taken care by the responsible visionaries of FDD. Mark Dubowitz strongly opposes the use of terrorism to break the countries and conquer.

mark dubowitz

The website of the organisation covers stories that are related to the terrorism and its effects, on the various countries such as Pakistan, Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq etc. In addition to which, it also demonstrates the actions performed by the terrorists and their counterparts time and again. Mark Dubowitz acts as an inseparable part of the body. He has become the best source of inspiration and encouragement to the people associated with him.

The vital organisation holds different public meetings with the military officers, diplomats, different types of briefings, discussions and debates, which consists of Huge group of people; who can give their input of ideas that helps in the creation of best policies against terrorism that can help not only the country, but the world to defend. The most important part of the policy making lies in the implementation of the strategy.