Information about Eye Creams According to Dry Skin Patch under Eyes Advice

The skin near our eyes is the most sensitive. This skin is the thinnest which results in it being deficient in water glands making it minimally hydrated. There is a completely wrong notion among people that eye creams should be used after attaining a certain age. On the contrary, according to links like dry itchy flaky skin under eyes facts, one should start using eye creams at a lower age even before the skin ageing has started. This can help in retaining the skin’s youth in the long run.

dry itchy flaky skin under eyes facts

How are eye creams beneficial?

  • The major advantage of using eye creams as per the dry skin patch under eyes advice from famous dermatologists is that it helps in preventing problems like puffiness, dryness, under eye dark circles, crow’s feet, wrinkles and fine lines.
  • It provides protection to the skin from damage due to free radicals.
  • The texture and firmness of the skin is maintained.
  • The dullness and tiredness of eyes get removed and the creams make the eyes look fuller of life.
  • The dark coloration under eyes gets removed.

Application techniques of eye creams

Almost everybody today knows about usage of eye creams to keep the skin near eyes healthy. But according to links like article on under eye dryness, there are tips that should be used while application of the creams.

  • An amount of the cream equivalent to the size of a pea is enough for application on each eye.
  • Eye creams should be applied very gently on the skin around eye with the help of the tip of fingers in outward movement motion.
  • Rubbing the area while application can cause sagging of skin, so this should always be kept in mind.
  • The amount of cream being used is important as excess usage amount can cause irritation in the area.

If proper application techniques are followed with regular usage of eye creams, then it can actually prove to be beneficial in taking care of the under eye skin in the long run.