Is Education System is making kids stressed and sick?

Every year thousands and millions of students appear for the much dreaded exams and plenty emerge with flying colors. However many student’s magical pens doesn’t work for them and does not get the expected results.

When the results arrive, it is often not a happier situation for everyone. Not all the parents are understanding and forgive the kids easily for their low performance. Some parents provide hard punishments for the kids and hurt the tender hearts badly. So the kids unable to face the situation place the foot on the wrong path by plotting proxy signatures in the examination slips and reports cards. This is quite saddening and not a healthy environment for both the kids as well as the parents.

Why School Examination Analysis system

Apparently there are parents who understands the situation and play a strong support in their academic lives of the children. Still the kids have less faith on them and doesn’t want to disclose the results to the parents. To put an end to this situation, Ministry of education in Malaysia, introduced a portal called School Examination Analysis System to monitor the performance and results of their kids.

Knowing and analyzing the student’s performance, parents can make a well-informed decision on how to help their kids develop their skills in varied context and eradicate the ideology that examinations are nightmares. Monitoring the kid’s performance through Saps help parents to have a better interaction between the school and the kids. They can offer the much needed help when the kids are stressed out and help them attain their goals.

Summing it up

Rather than creating an aversion or hatred for exams, parents should make the kids realize the benefits of exams and draw a creativity and interest towards the exam.