It Is Better to Stay Away from E-Cigarette or Regular Smoking

An overview

E-cigaret smoking has become a fashion in contemporary time and especially in young generation. Tremendous surge in teen vaping has alarmed health professionals. The situation is out of control because these types of smoking products has unrestricted sales on online marketplaces. This is a truth that high school and college students have more attraction towards products the use of which is restricted by their parents.

E-smoking is restricted for underage population

E-cigarettes is being publicized as non-hazardous form of smoking in modern time. This is marketing strategy of the product manufacturers and vendors. No doubt, this way of smoking is less harmful without inhalation of smoke compared to conventional way of smoking, but this doesn’t open up smoking avenues for teens and kids. This practice has prevailed in adults since old time and e-cigarette smoking can’t make change in this practice. The parents have valid reasons to restrain their underage children from e-cigarette smoking because it has not proved to be absolutely harmless. The sale of e-cigarette products is restricted to underage population everywhere.

E-cigarette smoking has toxicological effects

The rate of e-cigarette smoking is gradually increasing and this is the alarming situation. There is no way to avoid inhaled vapor from e-væske in e-cigarette cartridge to reach lungs. Most e-cigarettes contain nicotine liquid and it’s less harmless when it is not nicotine liquid but it might not be completely safe to vape with any type of liquid because it can be absorbed in lungs. The vapors of certain liquids can be cancer causing like smoke of a regular cigarette. A scientific study published in 2017 shown that e-cigaretter induce toxicological effects that can increase the risk of cancer.


The situation remains alarming with traditional way of cigarette smoking or with e-cigarette smoking until some method is devised to make vaping completely safe by avoiding entering of vapor into lungs. It is better to stay away from smoking in any way.