The ways to get a complete body workout

Shadow boxing is in the presence of a trainer is the best workout to start with. To increase the pumping of the heart stretches and cardio drills are also included at the very initial stage. The training classes at fitness club Charleston SC normally begins with a solid stretch. This prepares the body of the person to perform the other workouts that follow. The second step that follows is punching the heavy bags and also kicking them. The rest of the boxing workout warm-up consists of this punching and kicking workout. One can also include squats, jumping jack, lunges and many more things in the kickboxing class at Charleston SC to stay healthy and get a complete body exercise.

The process of working out at boxing gyms

Three minutes round is a must for every boxing workout. The trainer assists in taking the concerned trainee through a round of kicks and punches on the heavy bags of hundred pounds. It is the duty of the trainers at boxing gym Charleston SC to teach the trainees to execute the moves in every round. They understand that everything has a first time and learning to perform the workouts in a right way is very important.

The need of rest in between workouts

The person doing workouts must include active break time in between every round with the help of calisthenics. This resting time will keep both the body as well as the mind engaged. The rest period must last for a maximum time of 1 minute. The person performing the workouts can improve his or her limits during this span of break period or simply consume some water and get back for the next round immediately. To get an extensive effect of calorie burning one needs to add some lower body workouts in between these rounds of heavy bag punching and kicking.