Things to know about dry itchy flaky skin under eyes

The skin under the eyes is most sensitive. It is quite thinner than other portions of the body. It has to be taken proper care than other parts. In case you are seeing dry flaky skin under the eyes then your skin is seeking some extra care. But before option any medical help or some DIY remedies it important to know dry itchy flaky skin under eyes facts. Your under eye area getting dried up can occur due to a number of reasons. You will have to identify the cause so as to get proper treatment. Here are the things you should know dry itchy flaky skin under eyes:

  1. Rate: You can rate your condition looking into the affected area. If it has affected the whole eye area and is causing severe itching and redness then it’s advisable to seek medical help. You can refer to com article on under eye dryness so as to know what to do in your condition.

dry itchy flaky skin under eyes facts

  1. Identification: Most of the times the dryness under the eyes is caused due to dehydration.  One of the major reasons is getting aged. Dry skin can cause fine lines and wrinkles under the eye. Sometimes use of harsh products or washing in hot water drains out your natural moisture from the skin causing your under eye area to feel raw and rough.  Before opting for dry skin patch under eyes advice. It important to identify the cause.
  2. Medical reasons: Other than mistakes from your side there can be some serious medical issues causing dry skin patch under eyes. Doing research and guessing what could be the reason won’t be accurate. You will have to visit dermatologist to know what is causing the issue. There are different treatments available for such cases.