Tips for Living Healthy and Simple Life

Malnutrition refers to the issue of undernutrition and over-nutrition. Both these problems are among the major public health issues faced by the population. Everyone aims to live a healthy life, hence require guidance and tips to maintain and improve their quality of life.

Health – Definition

The definition of health as per World Health Organization (WHO) is “A state of complete well-being where individual’s mental, physical, and social role are accomplished without the presence of any kind of diseases and pathologies. is the company helping each individual to maintain a healthy lifestyle by providing proper guidance about lifestyle, health, and nutrition, hence complete coverage of an individual’s lifecycle is covered at Emagrecendo.

Four Pillars of Healthy Living

The simple concept of healthy living is dependent on the four main pillars that areexplained by Emagrecendo(

  • Food Consumed: Balanced diet is very important for maintaining a healthy For this, we need to consume healthy food and avoid junk foods. Consumption of healthy food is considered as the foundation of a healthyliving. It is the main fuel through which our body can function properly. Thus follow healthy eating patterns to maintain healthy living.
  • Physical Activity: Food is an important part of healthy living, butphysical activity is also another important pillar that supports healthy living. Thus, regular exercise and performing physical activities helps you to ensure proper health along with relaxed mental health too.
  • Sleep Well: Sleeping is also one of the most important factors for maintaining a healthy Every individual requires good sleep to perform well and also be 100% productive at work.
  • Supplements: It is rightly said that adequate and balanced nutrition is essential for a healthylife, but many people might not consume all types of food items because of their lifestyle and preferences. Hence, you can have some supplements to prevent deficiencies.