Why You Should Be An E-cigaretter

E-cigarette or E-cigaret, as called in Danish, was introduced as an innovative technique for smokers from the perspective of reducing health risks associated with cigarette smoking. Everyone is aware that cigarette smoking is harmful and there is a universal slogan “Cigarette smoking is injurious to health” which is displayed and published sometimes in advertisement of cigarette brands. Some countries such as India has made mandatory for cigarette manufacturers to print this slogan on every cigarette pack. But this doesn’t affect smoking enthusiasts and addicts to stay away from smoking. This innovation has made big difference in smoking habits of many lives who were looking for some alternative regular smoking by maintaining the same taste and flavor.

Roskilde e-juice

Working of e-cigarette

E-cigarette is a simple small or big device that works on the principle of vapor inhalation by heating liquid chemical or e-væske, as called in Danish language to produce steam, referred to as vapor in the language of smoking accessories. The liquid chemical is stored in a small container that is heated by a coil or burner using a battery power. Steam or vapor is inhaled in the mouth through mouthpiece or drip tip. E-cigarette is reusable device which can be used by refilling liquid, but a regular cigarette is finished after single use. The refilling of liquid is just one minute’s task and it is ready for use. Instructions are contained in the manual provided with the device.  However, when you fill liquid for the first time or after replacement of coil, you need to wait for at least 10-15 minutes to use for proper liquid absorption.

E-cigarette vs regular cigarette

It is good to be Roskilde e-juice because this is more advantageous over regular smoking.

  • E-cigarette release vapor instead of smoke and has low health risk.
  • E-cigarette is reusable by liquid refilling, but a regular cigarette can’t be.
  • E-cigarette offers choice to taste different flavors through different chemicals, but a regular cigarette has nicotine flavor only.